St Marks Bookstore Reading…

Stephen Boyer reading from GHOSTS + PARASITE


Rami Shamir reading from TRAIN TO POKIPSE


Happy Thanksgiving Everybody: Here’s some stuff we’re thankful for…

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!! We hope you have a great holiday and you have our interweb psychic love to cling to if you are all alone and feeling dreadful about your loneliness. One of the many Minor Progression favorite’s – Marissa Nadler – could use a bit of your holiday cheer to help her get her next album off the ground. She sent us this video for you all to watch so you can get a glimpse of where she’s at and what she’s working on. Check it out.

Also, here is a brand new gory sexy video of hers!

And now, back to Thanksgiving…. here’s a few photo’s of some Minor Progression folks at the Macy Day Parade!

And on a personal note, Antony and the Johnsons wrote this FUCKING BEAUTIFUL song called GHOST… it’s apart of his new book/album entitled SWANLIGHTS… he was writing this as my chapbook GHOSTS was coming to fruition.. one of the poems in it is in psychic conversation with him.. synergetic realness and collective unconscious love.. Oh and a couple of the poems from GHOSTS are in the upcoming 10th anniversary issue of SHAMPOO… CHECK THEM OUT and this AMAZING VIDEO:::

Now please, enjoy the holiday and make sure it doesn’t go something like this…

MinorProgression Needs Your Help To Keep Going

This past year has been a tough one for a lot of people, myself included. I’ve pretty much hit rock bottom on more than one occasion: lost my day jobs, ties with my family were finally strained beyond repair and severed completely, homelessness, broken computers, lack of everything, poor choices in escapism, etc. But despite all the curve balls this recession has thrown at me I’ve tried my best to keep pursuing the things I love: put on a play at Poet’s Theater in SF, got a collection of poems published by Bent Boy Books called “Ghosts”, used my time being homeless as an opportunity to travel around the country which enabled me to meet a ton of great young people that also are struggling and really fucked up from the recession, and ended up in NYC pursuing my dream of forging a life for myself in one of the greatest cities on earth (AND IT’S FUCKING TOUGH).

Anyway, due to all these changes in my life and due to my lack of a decent computer I’ve been unable to update this website like I used to in the past. It’s been really difficult for me to post content worth your while when I don’t have a proper computer, I don’t have the ability to download MP3’s, nor the ability to edit pictures, video’s, etc. Recently I’ve gotten the once-a-year email from wordpress asking me to pay for the URL of this site and in years passed I purchased with pride because I loved being able to have my little corner of the internet to joyously praise the artists/writers/performance artists/painters/whoevers I love but now it seems like it’s no longer a possibility because I am broke and unable to generate content without a proper computer.

Before shutting down this site I’d just like to throw it out to the readers and ask that if any of you are interested in helping keep this site going please let me know. I basically just need a proper computer and $50 bucks for the URL fee.

And if it’s time for this chapter in time to die I understand that all things fade and I’d just like to say thank you to everyone that was with me at all the parties we’ve thrown along the way and to all the artists that generously contributed to us THANKS FOR EVERYTHING…

If you’re interested in saving this site email me: stephenjboyer AT gmail DOT com

BentBoyBooks Reads: my first reading for my new book GHOSTS

BentBoyBooks Reads! This
Friday, April 9 – 8:00PM at Dog Eared Books in the Mission District of San Francisco..

Join Jennifer Blowdryer, Stephen Boyer, Drew Cushing and John Sakkis for a night of poetic outburst, stories of all variations, and hopefully a bottle of wine or five. And a few possible superstar surprise guests if the universe pulls through.. Continue reading

My new book “Ghosts” is out… and I’m moving to Austin.. and I’ve lost my mind.

My new chap book “Ghosts” is officially out courtesy of Bent Boy Books (sf) and haunting the world. You can get it by following this link.

Here’s what the publisher said, “Ghosts maps the world’s of Lindasy Lohan, Marissa Nadler, Winona Ryder and Antony Heggarty against the online bar reviews of Yelp and the gritty ennui of gay life in the not so new millenium.” Continue reading