Soft Spot “The Cleansing Hour” Music Video


Man, Boy! 9021-HO!

So 9021-HO! are made up by a buncha kids that I love to party with whenever I land my ass in SF… I have yet to see their live show but if it’s anything like the parties I’ve been to with them in the past then I’m sure there is a lot of behavior happening that would make any good Republican cringe with jealousy… oh and an old friend/ one time collaborator of Minor Progression is in the band too.. remember Samuelroy y’all??

DC’s True Womanhood debut their first Music Video

Washington DC band True Womanhood recorded there EP right here in Brooklyn at one of our own favorite DIY venues Death By Audio. “Basement Membranes,” their first EP, was released in January and they have just put together their first music video in support of it. Their sound is definitely of a damaged pop varietal with all the lovely minor chords and wounded harmonies you would expect but there is enough lyrically and melodically to keep you consistently engaged. Their first official music video just premiered and we have it here for all of you lovelies.
Enjoy it and then go catch them on tour.

Here are some of their upcoming tour dates:

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Yeah yeah yeah the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s are back with their new album It’s Blitz and I’m guilty of being excited… I fucking love the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and whenever people said they’re old news and l shouldn’t get into hearing them at four am when I’m coked out of my mind, I just ignore them. Recently they put out a new video for their song “Zero”. Check it out:

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HOT AND SWEATY: Hello Kate!!

Brazil is one of the hottest/sweatiest places on Earth and has been known to create some of the best porn (ass is really cheap in Brazil, similar to Eastern European countries, so wealthy countries often go to Brazil and bring back XXX footage that often makes the most devout among us proud) and dance music (CSS)!!! Right now I’m really really enjoying Hello Kate!! I turn them WAAAAAAAY UP on my Ipod and bike all over Oakland/Berkeley – dash in front of cars like I’m invincible and groove to the hip-punkish-disco-new-wave-electro-dance music they make. So yeah, basically I’ve just been biking around, listening Hello Kate!! and fantasizing about Brazilian waxes and sex on the beach, being unemployed and lost in the recession has done wonders for my imagination but alas it may remain all in my head for quite some time, unless people want to start donating, if you do then message me.

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