Official Soft Spot video and first cross country tour announcements!

I first blogged about Soft Spot right at the beginning of their incarnation as a two piece.  At that point in time they were still Sarah Kinlaw accompanied by Bryan Keller.  That’s not the case anymore.

Soft Spot has emerged from those early stages is a fully formed band, with Bryan and Sarah equally involved in the creative process, a richer and more encompassing sound. An energy has also evolved that is constantly brewing and yet continually exuberant at the same time.  With their debut album being self released in a few days and a tour of the Eastern United States almost upon them it is time for your attention.

They have also just released their first video to the song “Half a House” one of the highlights of their new album. It was directed Ryan Dickie with art direction by Molly Gottschalk.

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Ebony Bones returns to the states and wipes the floor with Lady Gaga’s face!

Okay everyone.
I understand it’s impossible to stay up on EVERYTHING happening in the music world. The vast amount of acts today is enough to make anyone loose their mind and I am usually somewhat forgiving of the majority of the universe missing out on some of the more interesting and exciting things happening nowadays. That said, there are some acts who have yet to win public acclaim that I think are so good that I get offended by their lack of buzz or  followings and Ebony Bones is maybe the key contender on that short list of mine.

I’ve been blogging about Ebony Bones for two summers now, but like a lot of the rest of the press I didn’t know if the world was ready for her yet; her music is aggressive and dancy which should make it an easy sell, but it comes with maybe the most campy and over the top live performance that I know of today.  She has a strong point of view in all of her songs and can often overwhelm those who come in looking for just another band.  Fever Ray looks timid and naval gazing next to Miss Bones and Lada Gaga comes off like her bad Hollywood remake, however, the attention that both of those acts have received over the past year  suggest to me that maybe the time is right for Ebony Bones’s act to finally start stirring up the attention it deserves.
She is a true original and one of the most engaging performers I’ve ever seen.  Get ready to fall in love…

Here are a few videos of her and her band driving their audiences into frenzies.

Oh fair minorprogression readers, I know you are not stupid.
Here are the dates,
Go, or forever retire from knowing how to have a good time.

Tour dates after the Jump!

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Running the fine line of fairy tale and horror film, Larkin Grimm continually surprises me. Larkin Grimm’s first album, “Paplar” came out through Young God Records. Listening to it transports participants to a surreal, magical, frightful world. I bought the album on a whim after reading a write up that said something to the effect of “Are you sick of unicorns and gum drops? How about sex starved witches and goblins!” Continue reading


Currently the United States of America is one of the last Western Countries to refuse universal health care, refuse rights to GLBT citizens, continually invade other countries, has the largest prison system in the world plus many more examples of using atrocities to try and maintain economic security. Unfortunately many Americans are caught on a treadmill of sorts – many run on hate, Americans run and run and run and hate everything around them, their hatred often comes out in the form of violence and the perpetrators of violence are often valorized for having defeated the weaker. One of the adverse traits of life in a capitalistic society is its tendency to reward the bully and scoff at the victim. Tim Miller’s performance at the Queer Bodies Psychotherapy Conference in San Francisco challenged what it means to be a victim of the oppression American culture has perpetuated throughout the duration of his life. Continue reading



All hail Mythical Beast! They are a three piece that formed in Kansas City, right now they are sweeping across the nation filling living rooms and venues with music. I highly recommend checking them out, I did last night in Oakland and the show was a lot of fun.

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A momentous book launch begins tomorrow 10/8/08 for So Many Ways to Sleep Badly by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore at 7:30 pm at City Lights. Then on Friday she leaves to go on tour for two months — following is the info, please tell your friends, enemies, friendly enemies, the people pretending to be your friends, and even married gay people… If you aren’t familiar with her just keep reading!

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