Man, Boy! 9021-HO!

So 9021-HO! are made up by a buncha kids that I love to party with whenever I land my ass in SF… I have yet to see their live show but if it’s anything like the parties I’ve been to with them in the past then I’m sure there is a lot of behavior happening that would make any good Republican cringe with jealousy… oh and an old friend/ one time collaborator of Minor Progression is in the band too.. remember Samuelroy y’all??


LOVE LEAVES: a hunger for more: mp3s

Bay Area::: I’d like to let everyone know a new musician is heading your way – meet Love Leaves. Fans of Debutante, Casey Chisholm, Samuelroy and Brother Bruno will totally be happy!!!! Love Leaves is working on an album. It’s been described by Love Leaves as, “a labor of love.” When I asked how long he’s been working on it, he replied, “hmm, not too long, the album proper, probably like a year or so, i mean, I didn’t decided to make an “album” until this past winter and I’ve been making music for just a few years, but you know, I’ve always loooved it. I went to school for painting and then for poetry and I guess really I thought music is where it’s at. It’s all produced but I have very strong feelings about electronic music, and don’t like people to disown it as genuine.” Continue reading

Naked fame: my journey into the music industry (minorprogression party)!!!

Okay, so what you first need to understand is that I, tarnation1, am actually Samuelroy. And I, Samuelroy, have my first actual release coming out on Ascension Records and Publication. It is called Pi11 Bits, and you can get it online Friday or at this show!

But what is more important to me right now, is this short clip from what might be the best documentary I’ve ever seen; Naked Fame. This is what I feel like right now!!! If only I looked a bit more like this…

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So last Thursday (March 26th, 20009) my living room turned into a scene from Spinal Tap. The guys from A Gun That Shoots Knives showed up early fully equipped with fog machines, flashing neon lights, outer space outfits, props, merchandise, huge speakers and enough party energy to power a few vehicles.

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Oblio, in loving memory of Anna Nicole Smith

With a touchingly strong voice and an emotional deliverance similar to a break-up from somebody who still loves you but isn’t completely heart-broken, Oblio caught my notice with the song ‘Anna Nicole Smith.’ Somewhere in between electro, trip-hop and pop, it reminds me of something a really sexy, dark featured girl would strip to in a movie in which she later goes on to kill people. If you want to check him out live, he’s playing for free at The Stud in SF this Sunday, 10 pm (along with Shaw and the Shaws and myself, Samuelroy, as openers). Continue reading


Samnation and Samuelroy are solo projects that are each run by a kid named Sam that lives in San Francisco. We spend numerous hours in conversation, often we discuss each others art/music/writing/whatever projects. Lately we have been discussing whether or not he should slim his act down into one concise project or maintain a larger vision that believes it is necessary to maintain multiple aliases.

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