New Telepathe video gives us the icy stare

I don’t understand this. What about telepathe’s technically uninteresting tour/interview/music video has me so interested? Why were my eyes glued to the screen? Was it just because I like their music? Are these people actually as boring as they seem, or is it just that they don’t really like the filmmaker much? Did they specifically ask her ‘oh please, remember not to show us when we are actually being ourselves… our image is ‘distant and aloof”?

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The queer joy of MKNG FRNDZ

Occasionally there are bands that aside from being good musicians, also give the innate feeling that they are awesome people. I would say that I speculate MKNG FRNDZ to be one of those bands, but I have to confess that I know Daniel pretty well and he’s one of the most spectacularly wonderful people I know. Seriously, this guy is so great I had to preface his visit to the bay area last winter with the words ‘You’ll all like Daniel… but really, everybody likes Daniel.’ Daniel is the ball of energy with contagious laughter that you notice across the room and wish would come entertain you. Daniel is the cool kid who sat at your lunch table one day and invited you to a party that your parents wouldn’t let you go to. Continue reading

HOT AND SWEATY: Hello Kate!!

Brazil is one of the hottest/sweatiest places on Earth and has been known to create some of the best porn (ass is really cheap in Brazil, similar to Eastern European countries, so wealthy countries often go to Brazil and bring back XXX footage that often makes the most devout among us proud) and dance music (CSS)!!! Right now I’m really really enjoying Hello Kate!! I turn them WAAAAAAAY UP on my Ipod and bike all over Oakland/Berkeley – dash in front of cars like I’m invincible and groove to the hip-punkish-disco-new-wave-electro-dance music they make. So yeah, basically I’ve just been biking around, listening Hello Kate!! and fantasizing about Brazilian waxes and sex on the beach, being unemployed and lost in the recession has done wonders for my imagination but alas it may remain all in my head for quite some time, unless people want to start donating, if you do then message me.

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Samnation and Samuelroy are solo projects that are each run by a kid named Sam that lives in San Francisco. We spend numerous hours in conversation, often we discuss each others art/music/writing/whatever projects. Lately we have been discussing whether or not he should slim his act down into one concise project or maintain a larger vision that believes it is necessary to maintain multiple aliases.

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