MaJiKer releases “Body-Piano-Machine”

MaJiKer is an English producer/songwriter living in Paris. He produced an album called ‘Le Fil’ with French singer/songwriter Camille. Then they went on tour around the world before returning to produce Camille’s latest album ‘Music Hole’. He has also produced material with several other singer/songwriters including recent collaborations with Sacha Bernardson and Melissa Laveaux. He is currently embarking on a tour to promote his own debut “Body-Piano-Machine”. It is out now on Gaymonkey Records. Below is a music video, interview, tour dates and an MP3. Check it out!!!

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El Perro Del Mar “Change of Heart”

El Perro Del Mar is another one of the fantastic additions to the Swedish music scene. God, I feel like I’m always hyping Sweden, I should just up and move there… Have you seen this video of “Change of Heart” starring Sandor Vlah and Gyula Takaes a k a The Golden Power? They are a Hungarian body building dance performance art team and ummmm can we somehow get the funds together to turn them into porn stars?? Seriously!! After watching this video and seeing the movements they are capable of, I contemplated giving up drinking and smoking to work on my ass. However, I am fucking lazy and don’t really think I can put in the effort to get the physique and bodily talents these two posses. Alas, I’ll forever remain “vanilla” in comparison.

El Perro Del Mar – change of heart

Seaspin: spin spin spin and yes keep spinning!

Seaspin opened for the excellent Telefone Tel Aviv show I saw and reported on a few weeks back. Drawing largely from the shoegaze movement, Seaspin, writes very whimsical melodies that are thrusted into guitar heavy “walls of sound”. Growing up on the beach in bright and sunny Southern California, I still managed to wear lots of black and listen to bands like Cocteau Twins, The Cranes, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Lush, etc… sooo I really can appreciate a band that wants to recreate such a successful yet still arguably obscure era of music. God knows I couldn’t count the many days that I felt a little down, smoked some weed, jumped on my bike with headphones and listened to Loveless. Continue reading

Gettin Down and Dirty with Shunda K

So last night at my favorite LA party, Wildness, I danced around like a maniac as Shunda K from Yo Majesty spit some of the best hip hop all over my pretty little face. Afterwards I got the chance to chat it up for a little bit and get you all a few quick words and a couple MP3s off her solo project “Botchit & Scraper”. All of which are awesome, however, I do wish I had a vagina so I coulda rode her face for a bit cause you know she eats pussy better than anyone else and goddammit I just wanna see her happy!! Continue reading

Another Reason to Get High in the Desert: Manimal Festival


Stuff White People Like will one day include a chapter devoted to white people getting high in the desert. White people love to try to invoke the native spirit that “apparently resides in the SouthWest” – a weird place for it to reside since the SouthWest is thee place the USA drove thee Native Americans too when thee USA decided they didn’t deserve to live on their home astroturf. Anyway, White People go to the desert to have a mystical experience so they can return to the city and be labeled a visionary. Just look at what these burners tried to do a few months ago at my old crash pad in Oakland. You know, Manimal is putting on their second annual Festival out in Joshua Tree. Manimal is awesome. Get tickets.

The line-up:


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Lily Allen: The Fear Video

The Fear video

I love this song and this video, I’m sick of the rain, I haven’t been out of bed in days. This long bout of isolation has also led me to believe I love this video:

Now, get me a latte. That’s all.

Wait. Actually, come back here, download this song too:

Bjork – Tondeleyo