Light Asylum – A Certain Person


Remember when the moon was blue?

The real issue is: I need a wealthy lover that I can travel with;
the wealthier and wilder the better.
So tell me your name: she knows she is a woman looking back


Light Asylum Played Los Angeles

The other night a few friends of mine and myself ventured out to see Light Asylum play in Los Angeles. I’ve seen Bruno and Shannon play in other incarnations with other bands in the past and true to form the two continue to evolve like a fine wine. As you can see through my somewhat shakey video footage, the two really know how to make a sound and perform. They’re touring all over the place and I’ll be sure to do my best to let you know where and when they’re popping up as details leak.

Light Asylum Comes to Los Angeles

I’m really excited to see Light Asylum play this weekend in Los Angeles. We’ve chatted about them here before… and recently they made one of the Top 40 Bands of Brooklyn List. They’re playing at Show Cave. My life has been really up in the air lately and I’m not sure how I’m going to get there though, so if you wanna car pool let me know!!

Also recently Bruno from Light Asylum posted an MP3 of a live Light Asylum song at Butt Magazine which you can find at the bottom of this post.. Anyway, I have two weeks left in the Los Angeles area.. hopefully I will see you at the show..

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Light Asylum

Awhile back I wrote about Bruno and the Dreamies over at Fantastic Weapon. Then Bruno and the Dreamies became Brother Bruno… now Bruno has moved on to Light Asylum. He’s working with Shannon Funchess. The music these two have put together is outstanding! And I highly suggest giving these videos some much deserves attention. And while you do that I’m going to work on getting my ass to NYC and get to one of these WEIRDrecord parties.

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