ELBOW live at The Wilter

Went to the Wiltern tonight; definitely one of the best looking venue’s in Los Angeles, I missed the openers but got there just in time for the headliner. Elbow came out trumpets blaring to much fan fare; part of me thought I had stumbled into a tween concert but a quick look around showed a bunch of drunken adults – wow – I thought, this better be amazing. The first couple of songs were great; the visuals were mesmerizing, moments of ambient rock mixed with straight forward brit pop – they sounded like they were aiming for a poppier version of the beautiful melodies of Radiohead,The Verve, Sigur Ros, Blur… you get the idea. Definitely something I’d put on if I was with my Mom so she’d believe I was a romantic sensible son.

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Growing up in Southern California I was blessed with year round sunshine, I pretty much road my bicycle every day down the board walk, head phones on to tune out the bro’s and bra’s ruining an otherwise picture-esq landscape… why am I on this tangent???? oh yeah, so The Have Mercys totally bring me back to that place: I’m 13, it’s 1997, I have my head phones on, I’m pedaling really fast down the beach board walk to a record shop with Sonic Youth or The Pixies or The Breeders or Belly or Dinosaur Jr. blasting into my ears. I’m singing along. The sun is setting; scattering variations of pinks, reds, blues, violets, orange across the sky. The world is about to go to war, to start over heating, ultimately it’s about to completely fall apart but I don’t really care.

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The release of the new fiction anthology COOL THING: BEST NEW GAY FICTION is exciting on so many levels, a very early edition of a novel I am working on makes a debut public appearance in the book and I like all the work that other authors opted to display, so I’m allowing myself to freak out in my room and listen to Dinosaur L “Go Bang!” and be self indulgent, celebrate: Continue reading


First of all, in case you don’t know who Dodie Bellamy is, Sonic Youth reference her.

Second of all, Sonic Youth are fans of Dodie Bellamy’s work.

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