BLACK FLAMINGO- Haunted House (new Official Video)

Remember Kimi Recor? Well, this is what she’s been up too and we love it!



So for those of you that don’t wanna buy ARTFORUM and therefore missed the summer 2009 edition with the fabulous essay by Wayne Koestenbaum on the work of Ryan Trecartin, I’ve decided to post some video’s. I hope that his work hasn’t completely escaped you, but if it has, he’s a video maker/ artist/performance artist. Remarkably, Koestenbaum’s wild essay/prose in Artforum does manage to capture the essence of the work that Trecartin is putting out, more precisely, online:

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I hated Seattle until I heard KHV (Katherine Hepurn’s Voice)

I followed my friends down the stairs to a basement in a house on the North edge of Seattle’s central district. Inside it was dark and muggy. It wasn’t a punk-rock house, or a DIY collective. It was a fairly regular looking house, but people in their twenties seemed to live there. I think it was a going away party for Seth Sugar (Wilde Turkey), who was moving to NYC. I always liked his music and enjoyed his company, so I figured this show would be worth something or other. Still, I can be grim. My friends who had taken me usually liked good music, but had taken me to more than one show that left me trying to figure out which hurt more; my head, my feet, or my sad, withering heart. I was not having a good time living in Seattle in late 07. However, this would end up being one of the only really great experiences that happened in the months before I left. To my delight, KHV (Katherine Hepurn’s Voice) filled my head with ideas, my feet with morphine and my heart with another soft red spot, waiting to be punctured when the show was over. Yes, I liked it.

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Lily Allen: The Fear Video

The Fear video

I love this song and this video, I’m sick of the rain, I haven’t been out of bed in days. This long bout of isolation has also led me to believe I love this video:

Now, get me a latte. That’s all.

Wait. Actually, come back here, download this song too:

Bjork – Tondeleyo




I first caught wind of Clara Engel about a year ago, I blogged about her before at Fantastic Weapon, now she’s trying to come to the West Coast for her first ever West Coast Tour. Needless to say, I’m a big fan of her work and I’m trying to help her make the jump to California. Her music is beautiful/captivating/smart/eccentric/androgynous and her voice the driving factor pulling the wondrous work together. Continue reading