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Meet Stephen Boyer

photo Amos Mac, March 2013

photo Amos Mac, March 2013

Stephen Boyer is a writer, performer, curator, painter, activist, etc…. best known for working in porn, working to compile the Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology, and for their novel Parasite.

They also curate Minor Progression! MP is intended to bring into conversation the various cultural happenings I find interesting and to shed more light on my interests. You can find posts about theater, poetry, music, politics, art and the way they intersect on this site. If you love it and feel like you have to express that exuberant sensation, you can donate $$$ here or check out my amazon wish list! and please let me know if you send something my way so I can thank you. Also, if you’d like to book me for a performance, reading, lecture or if you want to contribute to minorprogression and write about your area of the world, please shoot an email as we’d love for more people to use this forum as a means for conversation – stephenjboyer @ gmail.com



8 thoughts on “Meet Stephen Boyer

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  2. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

    I really appreciate it. Minorprogression is a fantastic site, and I could easily end up getting kicked out of my doctoral program if I spent as much time on it as I’d like.



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  5. Hey Susan, you want to read the lindsay lohan poem? its in my chapbook ghosts. which is available for purchase at bentboybooks.com and it is in the occupy wall street poetry anthology which is online as a pdf at the peopleslibrary.wordpress.com site … if you go to the pdf you can do a find and type in the title and it should pop right up… and you can see me reading it at this link http://nist.tv/video/19869/stephen-boyer-reads-from-his-b glad your interested in it! thanks

  6. Hi Stephen: I am a friend of tree turtle/Johnny Turtle and an anthropology student at Goucher College. I would be so grateful if you would please allow me to interview you via email or gchat. Here is my contact information: morgan.mitchell@mail.goucher.edu. I am doing an ethnography on the Occupy Movement
    With gratitude..

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