LOVE LEAVES: a hunger for more: mp3s

Bay Area::: I’d like to let everyone know a new musician is heading your way – meet Love Leaves. Fans of Debutante, Casey Chisholm, Samuelroy and Brother Bruno will totally be happy!!!! Love Leaves is working on an album. It’s been described by Love Leaves as, “a labor of love.” When I asked how long he’s been working on it, he replied, “hmm, not too long, the album proper, probably like a year or so, i mean, I didn’t decided to make an “album” until this past winter and I’ve been making music for just a few years, but you know, I’ve always loooved it. I went to school for painting and then for poetry and I guess really I thought music is where it’s at. It’s all produced but I have very strong feelings about electronic music, and don’t like people to disown it as genuine.” Continue reading


Naked fame: my journey into the music industry (minorprogression party)!!!

Okay, so what you first need to understand is that I, tarnation1, am actually Samuelroy. And I, Samuelroy, have my first actual release coming out on Ascension Records and Publication. It is called Pi11 Bits, and you can get it online Friday or at this show!

But what is more important to me right now, is this short clip from what might be the best documentary I’ve ever seen; Naked Fame. This is what I feel like right now!!! If only I looked a bit more like this…

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Ascension Recordings and Publications 2009 comp!!

So okay, I was just asked to release my EP ‘Pi11 Bits’ on Casey Chisholm’s ‘Ascension Recordings and Publications‘, and I’m maybe a tad bit excited. But hey, in credit to my own back-scratching, I was a fan of Casey Chisholm’s own music, Religious Girls, Brother, and other stuff released on Ascension well before this happened. So take a look at the roster and listen to the label’s stuff on myspace, because it really is great. If we must play the genre game, it’s kind of electro-acoustic, anti-folk, shoe-gaze blah blah blah. But what I really value about the musical community that Ascension is forming and promoting is the lack of ‘genre.’ It seems much less focused on being too aligned with a particular movement or moment, which is a quality that has appealed to me since I have been writing on this blog. Continue reading