Pittsburg: Another Sensibility

As I’ve mentioned, I spent the past couple days in Pittsburg, gave a reading at the very lovely The Big Idea Bookstore, gave a lecture at the University of Pittsburg and then lost my shit at Blue Moon bar, those bitches werk it out.


Bill Scott, professor at The University of Pittsburg brought me out to guest lecture on the topic of the Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology and my involvement with the Peoples Free Library. We discussed free speech, poetry, activism and wandered amongst the various intersections. I even managed to bring porn into the conversation thanks to the hard work of” Occupy My Throat.” Link here:


I meant to talk more about why I thought that porn was interesting from my personal angle as a poet… while living in Zuccotti Park I had written a poem called “Gangbang for Democracy“. I read it while living there but didn’t know about the video until after the park was closed down and I met David Sokolowski (one of its stars). I didn’t spend much, if any, time online while I lived in Zuccotti Park because wikipedia, for a moment, went into real time. Anyway, I thought it was a really beautiful gesture what they had done. I myself consensually fooled around a bit in Zuccotti Park and it was an extremely magical atmosphere bursting with human creativity. But I’m pretty sure it’s the most honest depiction of the hierarchy of the movement, a few walked away with royalties to a film and the rest got thrown some pocket cash.

The lecture went really well, surprisingly so, by the time I checked to see how long I had been talking already an hour had passed. And the students questions really broadened my understanding of what we had done. I walked away with a pretty positive outlook on what our time in Zuccotti Park had done, Occupy acted as the social justice cheerleader for a generation to get off of its ass for a moment and think about what is going on around the world. As long as were alive we’re part of what happens on this earth, and we have to admit to ourselves that our actions affect our surroundings and we must strive for harmonies, we must dream of new realities as we heal ourselves and everything we touch. It’s going to be very hard because we’re all totally insane but I think we can do it. Life in New York is rough and often much more mundane than the fantasies we believe we deserve, but the magic is stronger. The nights and lights never end here so everyone can have their 15 minutes to stretch into the infinite because there are so many people and everyone has an extremely busy schedule because we’re wizards. True change will only come through direct actions that can only happen by very focused and secretive groups which are committed to disrupting the status quo exclusively by peaceful means; like planting an edible plant or native species in a roadside garden full of invasive species and don’t forget to talk to the worms while you’re there with your secret group so we can figure out a way to solve our biggest problem… the 99%

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GRRRLS ON FILM! celebrates the work of women, trans people, and genderqueer filmmakers, writers, performers, and other creators, especially but not exclusively those whose work has been influential to or stems from riot grrrl and queercore movements. the series is held by page 22’s page poetry salon (curated by lee ann brown) in the former home of geraldine page at 435 W. 22nd St. in Manhattan. for ten consecutive weeks, GRRRLS ON FILM! meets Thursday nights, doors at 8pm. the night will begin with the salon and end with the screening. audience space is limited and dependent on rsvp. to do so, please send an email to grrrlsonfilm@gmail.com, and feel free to let us know now which nights you’d like to attend as we have rsvp lists going for the whole series. all events are free and open to those that rsvp first, but for those that are able to do so, a suggested donation of $10 would really help cover all the costs incurred in putting this event together. we will supply some food and/or drinks every week but suggest everyone BYOB and/or bring something to share!

Love Will Tear Us Apart

If you play all these videos one by one, watching each video consecutively without a break, you may feel depressed and deranged. If you play all these videos at once, a chorus is created and if you join the noise that part of you that you thought destroyed feels restored. If you put your hand to your heart as you sing you can actually feel the healing vibrations pulsate.

You can also play one video with another. I really like the pairing of The Swan’s with Bjork. And I put in Ian Curtis in the background to give context. Beautiful!

love will tear us apart

love will tear us apart

love will tear us apart

love will tear us apart

love will tear us apart

love will tear us apart

Remember, Magick is/n’t Simple!

Ecstatic Music Festival: Roomful of Teeth with William Brittelle, Caleb Burhans and Merrill Garbus

On Saturday, February 19th, 2011 at 7:30pm the Ecstatic Music Festival hosted a night of experimental vocalists. It’s nice to watch a stage full of people my own age sing and communicate through vocal expressions rather than words. There is a freedom of beauty in communications solely through noise expression. The show did have some narrative ranging from the uplifting to the harrowing; a night of Bjork’s Medulla without Bjork

The man in front of me, middle aged, kept rocking in his seat, tapping his foot, bending over sideways giggling… he kept exchanging perplexed looks with his “wife”. It was obvious they were both out of their element. I can’t help but wonder what brought them to the show and why they felt obligated to sit through its entirety.

The night brought together two vocal artists that revere the human voice but approach its range differently. Merrill Garbus experiments with unexpected sounds and techniques from around the world, while Caleb Burhans, rooted in a more English choral tradition, pushes color and timbre by means of loops and repetition. The diversity of these composers reinforces Roomful of Teeth‘s mission to challenge themselves by exploring places yet undiscovered. The eight members of the ensemble – all classically trained – worked with masters singers and voice coaches from around the world in techniques ranging from Tuvan throat singing to yodeling, from belting and pop singing to Inuit throat singing. Commissioned composers include Judd Greenstein, Rinde Eckert, Caleb Burhans and William Brittelle. In 2011 they will premiere works by Missy Mazzoli. For now, the ensemble incorporates an ever-widening circle of singing styles and invites composers to develop new works of vocal ensemble. Areas of exploration include theater and chamber opera, multi-media. Out-reach includes workshops to teach and combine vocal styles and focused symposia with choirs of different age and skill levels in which repertoire , singing styles and their cultural histories are shared. Continue reading

Oblio, in loving memory of Anna Nicole Smith

With a touchingly strong voice and an emotional deliverance similar to a break-up from somebody who still loves you but isn’t completely heart-broken, Oblio caught my notice with the song ‘Anna Nicole Smith.’ Somewhere in between electro, trip-hop and pop, it reminds me of something a really sexy, dark featured girl would strip to in a movie in which she later goes on to kill people. If you want to check him out live, he’s playing for free at The Stud in SF this Sunday, 10 pm (along with Shaw and the Shaws and myself, Samuelroy, as openers). Continue reading

Lily Allen: The Fear Video

The Fear video

I love this song and this video, I’m sick of the rain, I haven’t been out of bed in days. This long bout of isolation has also led me to believe I love this video:

Now, get me a latte. That’s all.

Wait. Actually, come back here, download this song too:

Bjork – Tondeleyo