St Marks Bookstore Reading…

Stephen Boyer reading from GHOSTS + PARASITE


Rami Shamir reading from TRAIN TO POKIPSE


Girlz Be Gagging: Freaky Boiz @ PS1

Saw Freaky Boiz at PS1 today! Took some shitty photo’s on my phone… everyone danced! I didn’t get a blowjob…. But still, I managed to have fun! And let’s hear it for youtube, for again and again and again paving the way for new talent to rise… asses up!






And this one…. this one makes me horny………..


Arthur Russell “A Little Lost” Video Adaptation

I’m in love with the music created by the late but always great Arthur Russell. Today I found this video on youtube and thought it was fantastic so I’m sharing. This is an unofficial video. It’s made with an excerpt of the animation ‘Girl And Dolphin’ by R .Zelma. The song is from the album ‘The World Of Arthur Russell’.

Arthur Russell – A Little Lost


So for those of you that don’t wanna buy ARTFORUM and therefore missed the summer 2009 edition with the fabulous essay by Wayne Koestenbaum on the work of Ryan Trecartin, I’ve decided to post some video’s. I hope that his work hasn’t completely escaped you, but if it has, he’s a video maker/ artist/performance artist. Remarkably, Koestenbaum’s wild essay/prose in Artforum does manage to capture the essence of the work that Trecartin is putting out, more precisely, online:

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