Museum of Bellas Artes “I wanna know, I wanna know…”(Interview!)

Museum of Bellas Artes

Sometimes songs appear out of nowhere in this magical age of the internet.  Quite often these songs have no back story and often even when followed up up on, these songs, usually by very young and newly formed bands, still remain a bit of a mystery, since there really isn’t all that much to say. This is the double edged sword of the hype machine and we still have a long way to go before we learn how to tame such a beast. We digress…When we interviewed Air France a week or so ago, our attention was drawn to a track called “Who Do You Love” by a band we hadn’t heard of called “Museum of Bellas Artes”  that has since become what is undoubtedly our jam of the month.  Following up on this beautiful mystery track, we were lead to their Myspace and then to Pitchfork Media (who picked up on them via our Air France interview!!) and immediately wanted to know more about this trio from Stockholm Sweden.  They generously granted us an interview and helped to shed a little bit of light on their still mysterious existence.  Though their staying power as a band is yet to be determined, we here at minorprogression are very hopeful that this attention the web has given them (ours included)  doesn’t make things sour for them and helps to push their creativity along in helpful and exciting ways.

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Sweden is way cooler than America; Swedes enjoy the highest standard of living, Sweden is home to Santa Clause, Sweden is the country that birthed countries that birthed people like Bjork, Sweden is dark half the year and light the other half, the forests in Sweden are open to the public so anyone can run through the trees naked at anytime, Sweden is home to two of my favorite bands, The Tough Alliance and The Knife. Are you a fan of Tough Alliance and The Knife? ME FUCKING TOO!!!! Check it out, you are going to love Endiamonds, it’s the perfect hybrid of both groups. Continue reading