::OMG: My Bloody Valentine Share New Album: mbv::

My Bloody Valentine release first album since Loveless! OMG! I’m sooo excite! One of the best days of my life was when I was in highschool and found Loveless for the first time… I got the cd from my favorite record shop then got real stoned and biked around for hours… life has never been the same.

“she found now”:

“only tomorrow”:

“who sees you”:

“is this and yes”:

“if i am”:

“new you”:

“in another way”:

“nothing is”:

“wonder 2”:


The Band In Heaven: will play our favorite song

The Band In Heaven recently came to my attention. Fans of shoegaze should continue reading…

MP: Where are you from? How long have you been together? How do you all know each other?

TBIH: We are a two-piece shoegaze/dream-pop band from West Palm Beach, Florida. Lauren (percussion/vocals) and I have known one another for maybe 7 years now. She played percussion for Strangers Family Band for some time, and I was there singer until about 2 months ago. We left at the same time and started The Band In Heaven.

MP: What do you like about where you are living? Good venues? Good food? Good art scene? Favorite local bands/performance artists/visual artists/film makers?

TBIN: South Florida has a great music community at the moment. Lots of friends trying to help each other out. Our friends in Love Handles and Chill Pillars (both great bands) throw free shows at their practice space, calling it Club Sandwich. There is another venue down here called Propaganda that throws such cheap shows with such good bands… it’s really helping to keep live music alive around here. There are too many good bands to name coming out of South Florida right now. Check out Weird Wives if you have a chance. Continue reading

Seaspin: spin spin spin and yes keep spinning!

Seaspin opened for the excellent Telefone Tel Aviv show I saw and reported on a few weeks back. Drawing largely from the shoegaze movement, Seaspin, writes very whimsical melodies that are thrusted into guitar heavy “walls of sound”. Growing up on the beach in bright and sunny Southern California, I still managed to wear lots of black and listen to bands like Cocteau Twins, The Cranes, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Lush, etc… sooo I really can appreciate a band that wants to recreate such a successful yet still arguably obscure era of music. God knows I couldn’t count the many days that I felt a little down, smoked some weed, jumped on my bike with headphones and listened to Loveless. Continue reading

Telefon Tel Aviv Came Back and Spaceland Loved It!!

TELEFON TEL AVIV; THE RACE; SEASPIN played Club Spaceland on September 25th, 2009. Telefon Tel Aviv makes some of the prettiest, darkest, melodic dance tracks ever. When Charlie passed last January 22, 2009 fellow band mate Joshua Eustis, family, friends and fans were devastated. Electronic music truly lost someone special and I thought I’d never get to see them play again; to make matters worse, Charlie passed a week after the release of Immolate Yourself, easily the band at the peak of their career. I’ve been playing the album at least a couple times a week since I got it last January so it’s no surprise to say I totally geeked out when I learned Joshua Eustis teamed up with Fredo Nogueira to go out on tour to promote his beautiful new album. Continue reading


I’ve been watching Aunt Dracula rise for the past few months and I’ve been quickly falling in love, their sound is influenced by Animal Collective, horror, shoegazing bands like My Bloody Valentine… pretty much everything whimsical and swirly, they push their sound and lyrics into odd wastelands that only an ageless vampire that has grown tired of devouring humans could create… whenever his voice hits the high notes (blushes) I feel like I’m collapsing inside, like I’m able to just melt into the chaotic beautiful energy he has mastered. As summer encroaches upon us I highly recommend adding this album to your stack of “must brings” for the road trips you take with your friends. Until then, toke up and just wait for the frost to recede, and thank Republicans for global warming cause it may happen quicker than we expect. Anyway, I had a chance to chat with Scott Daly of Aunt Dracula and he sent me a bunch of personal information as well as a stack of their new album “Face Peel”. If you would like one just email me your mailing address and I’ll send you one: stephenjboyer@gmail.com …the first 3 people get one, everyone else needs to go to the record store. There are some downloads after the interview too. Continue reading


San Francisco heart throb band Girls released a new video today through their myspace site. The band makes harmoniously lush rock that recalls My Bloody Valentine, Beach Boys, Ariel Pink, Thee Oh Sees, Nirvana, psychedelic rock meets folk rock that is hell bent on gender bending. Here they are giving an interview and here is another video to check out… now check out their new video for LUST FOR LIFE and download there track and buy some more!


Girls – Lust For Life