“Shaking The Habitual”

recently Amos Mac and I spent an evening together
taking photos and playing dress up
and now i’m seeing how my subconscious inspired all my looks
a bunny
a viking floating out to see (vs. sea)
really just a sorcerer
on a road to {k}no{w} where
-can’t go there

it takes a genius photographer to pull out someones insides
and turn them into an image
suddenly we feel really naked
in a “bed of roses” sort of spirit….

You can see the rest of the images here. I suggest getting out your best speakers and listening to The Knife “Shaking The Habitual” as you do it.


Fever Ray: Caught a Glimpse Now it Haunts Me

Like everyone else that is obsessed with “seeing” “knowing” “experiencing” the latest trends in music, I sheepishly went to the Fever Ray show at the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles.  I became a fan of The Knife two years before they got big, I’m talking 2004 here, I was in my friends car and he put on Pass This On *I think* and blew my mother fucking mind.  Skip ahead a few years and I am in San Francisco watching The Knife masquerade onstage like they were pre-gaming before an Eyes Wide Shut party.

With all that in mind, and knowing I had class before heading straight to the Fever Ray show, I put together an outfit.  I decided on black Levi skinny jeans, a long sleeve black long sleeve t-shirt, a clashing navy blue jean Brittania jacket with bamboo pockets, black combat boots and the largest crystal necklace I own.  The crystal necklace I wore is great, it thumps against my chest in rhythm with my every move and heart beat.

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Fever Ray “When I Grow Up”

I can’t stop watching Fever Ray‘s new video for “When I Grow Up.” Karin Derijer Andersson ( of The Knife fame ) seriously takes the cupcake for this one. The costume design is so perfect, it’s exactly how I like to imagine that crazy girl we all went to school with (you know, the one who would strike fear into your fifth grade math teachers heart with one under the breath murmur) spending her afternoons covered in furs, face paint and alphabet magnets conjuring up storms and monsters in her pool.


Sweden is way cooler than America; Swedes enjoy the highest standard of living, Sweden is home to Santa Clause, Sweden is the country that birthed countries that birthed people like Bjork, Sweden is dark half the year and light the other half, the forests in Sweden are open to the public so anyone can run through the trees naked at anytime, Sweden is home to two of my favorite bands, The Tough Alliance and The Knife. Are you a fan of Tough Alliance and The Knife? ME FUCKING TOO!!!! Check it out, you are going to love Endiamonds, it’s the perfect hybrid of both groups. Continue reading