Two of my favorite Brooklyn bands: Beach Fossils and Woods in some belated CMJish documentation *Pictures!* (Also, a rant about the band Girls and how overated they are)

There were other cool “non official” CMJ happenings that took place over the past week (this not being one of them) or so that didn’t involve Pitchfork Media or Todd P., although all bands involved in the shows that I caught have gotten shout outs from one or the other at some point in time., one of my favorite resources for free booze and interesting times in this and a few other cities, also happens to throw great parties and shows from time to time, one of which went down just as CMJ was kicking off at Manhattan’s sprawling but sometimes not awful Webster Hall.  The show line up included Beach Fossils, Woods, Titus Andronicus and Here We Go Magic.  The event  was free to those who R.S.V.Peed and although there was no free (or even discounted!) booze at the event, the line up was good enough not to scoff.  Strangely, Here We Go Magic was headlining the night, even though they were the least exciting name on the bill.   My friends have all assured me that so far Here We Go Magic’s music hasn’t been used on a popular teen TV show or film so I can’t really understand what’s going on here, but I guess they have a lot of New Yorkers who are really into them since the show continued to get more and more crowded as the evening moved on towards their performance.  Needless to say I didn’t stick around for them to play.  I also left before Titus Andronicus did their thing, since I’m trying not to kill my interest in them while I still like what they’re doing and I’ve seen them play an embarrassing amount of times since moving to New York two years ago.   I focused my evening instead on Woods who I hadn’t seen play in a good six or seven months and on Beach Fossils, a newer Woodsist/Captured Tracks band that I’ve been really into lately and one that I’ve been trying to catch live for a while.

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Girls Names: Interview and MP3

I posted about Girl’s Names a couple of posts back and they were kind enough to send us an interview along with an MP3 for you to get your grubby mouse clickin’ hands on… so yeah, check them out and buy their latest EP. Interview after the jump… Continue reading


Words by Popejohnpaul12 and Brokenbrooklyn

Pictures by Brokenbrooklyn

Our longest and most excellent day of the festival started at Pitchfork’s Showcase at Emo’s. Girls was the first band to go on (at least when we showed up) and they come from the San Francisco area which may explain their 1960’s Californian pop style.  This isn’t the Beach Boys revisited though and everything they touch seems to get all covered up in lots of reverb. The lead singer/guitarist suggests a Zepplinish,  pre metal virtuosity that never really makes its way into their music, though there are moments where you feel like it may someday.  Their songs seem well constructed enough and aren’t totally boring, but if they let themselves rock out just a little bit more or  piled on a some stranger atmospherics, it would likely take their sound to the next level. The singer’s voice suggests an early Conner Oberst, but it comes off as affected in a different sort of way, one that I’m not sure if I buy yet.

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Dear Mr. Fantasy,
play us a tune
Something to make us all happy
Do anything take us out of this gloom
Sing a song, play guitar
Make it snappy

Ok, so I’ve been busy working on other projects and getting ready for a much needed vacation in two weeks to SXSW, which rules!!! I apologize to everyone for not updating as frequently this past two weeks. Here is my official list of free events happening that I plan on attending. I hope to see you there::::::: Continue reading

HOT AND SWEATY: Hello Kate!!

Brazil is one of the hottest/sweatiest places on Earth and has been known to create some of the best porn (ass is really cheap in Brazil, similar to Eastern European countries, so wealthy countries often go to Brazil and bring back XXX footage that often makes the most devout among us proud) and dance music (CSS)!!! Right now I’m really really enjoying Hello Kate!! I turn them WAAAAAAAY UP on my Ipod and bike all over Oakland/Berkeley – dash in front of cars like I’m invincible and groove to the hip-punkish-disco-new-wave-electro-dance music they make. So yeah, basically I’ve just been biking around, listening Hello Kate!! and fantasizing about Brazilian waxes and sex on the beach, being unemployed and lost in the recession has done wonders for my imagination but alas it may remain all in my head for quite some time, unless people want to start donating, if you do then message me.

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San Francisco heart throb band Girls released a new video today through their myspace site. The band makes harmoniously lush rock that recalls My Bloody Valentine, Beach Boys, Ariel Pink, Thee Oh Sees, Nirvana, psychedelic rock meets folk rock that is hell bent on gender bending. Here they are giving an interview and here is another video to check out… now check out their new video for LUST FOR LIFE and download there track and buy some more!


Girls – Lust For Life