Kimi Recor on Secret and the Noise, Lilofee, and Life


A few years back I met Kimi Recor while living in San Francisco. My favorite memory of Kimi Recor followed one of Gemini Disco’s biggest parties at The Mezzanine in San Francisco. I helped Chris (a founder of Gemini Disco and her co conspirator) with the decorations. Together we created an elaborate Reindeer S/M scene equipped with balloon didlo’s (like the animal balloons you enjoyed as a child) and neon lights, plus a huge balloon drop and balloon people fucking all over the Mezz… TRULY MAGICKAL.. Anyway, skip ahead to the end of the night and I’m in full drag looking for a cab on San Francisco’s infamous 6th Street in SOMA puffing a cigarette, getting hollered at by homeless men that wanted to bone my “vagina” when all of a sudden angel Kimi pulled up and asked me where I was trying to get to… “ummmm I’m supposed to be meeting a dude in the Mission,” I responded. She took my ass there and I had a fabulous night with him. Forever and ever I’ll love Kimi for that. And on top of all that she makes amazing music. She has a band called Lilofee that is rocking clubs all over the place and she is working on a side project with Chris entitled Secret and the Noise that is equally grand with the possibility of exceeding anything we’ve witnessed before. Thank the heavens!! Keep reading for an interview, MP3 and mind exploding chat about the world…

Here she is fronting the band Lilofee:
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Fans of Diamanda Galas, Nina Simone, Antony and the Johnsons need to make sure they’re aware of M. Lamar. I’ve been a fan of M. Lamar for a few years now and have watched Lamar evolve from a sex symbol to a deeply provocative singer songwriter. A few months ago he played a show at my old place in Oakland; Ariel Goldberg and Debutante shared the bill. His intricate grotesque lyrics and his Klaus Nomi esq delivery demands your time. His new album “The Black Death” has just been recorded; he has been kind enough to give us an interview and a few MP3’s to check out. Watch his website for future updates. Continue reading

Cellist, Vocalist, Songwriter and Perpetual Optimist NAJEEB SABOUR on Community, Travel and making music in Austin Texas

Najeeb Sabour is pretty close to being a native Texan, but when you hear the music he makes for the first time, Texas would probably be about the last place you would guess him to be from. This is most likely due to his constant relocating. After being born in New Orleans, Mr. Sabour moved to Dallas, then from Dallas to Memphis, Memphis to Boston, Boston to Prague and Spain and then from there back to Texas, where he currently calls Austin his home. This said, I can’t help but think that he will probably be moving about again shortly. At first glance, Najeeb’s music and constant relocation reflect and romanticize the nomadic, but when I took the time to listen to his lyrics and talk to him about his travels I realized that the point has less to do with constantly feeling unsettled and more to do with a search for, and spreading of a common loving, creative community.

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The official MinorProgression stance on the horrendous unwarranted murder of Oscar Grant“ by BART police is FUCK THE POLICE!!!

Since we don’t support police brutality and the violence they stand for, we’re urging all bay area residents and those in the vicinity that can make it, to do what police officers cannot do, and that is love… Continue reading


December 2nd, 2008 Odetta (queen of folk, blues, and a leading voice for the civil rights movement) passed away at age 77. She performed for the entirety of her life and will continue to draw a great deal of attention for as long as people care about great music . If you don’t know her, I’m glad you are reading this.  She is one of the true, great, all-American voices of all time;  We are talking in the pioneering tradition of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.  The type of singer who paves ways and blazes trails.   She is most likely the first great female singer-songwriter of our time.  Her death, moments before America takes a giant step into a future more reflective of the soulful and humane songs she was known for all her life, feels like Moses missing out on the promised land, and I hope the music industry carries her into the brighter future many Americans are hoping to be standing on the brink of. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called her “The queen of African-American folk music”. Basically, it seems really appropriate to get some Odetta remixes flowing in the club world. And some Nina Simone… Continue reading