Is The NYPD’s “Protect & Serve” Policy A Thing Of The Past?


WeAreChange recently got the opportunity to meet and Interview Joe Lozito, the selfless hero who put his life on the line to stop a serial killer. The story is only magnified when Joe finds out, that while being stabbed by the serial killer, the NYPD was standing by watching everything unfold from the safety of the conductors door. Currently in a legal suit, the NYPD and City of NY is arguing that the NYPD has NO duty to protect its own citizens.


The NYPD proves again, they know how to be violent….


I posted about my afternoon at the 6th month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street yesterday, over at the Peoples Library wordpress site. I had work to do yesterday evening, so I wasn’t around last night for the brutal assault by NYPD on peaceful demonstrators late at night. They always enact their horrific terrors late at night, because that’s the only time they feel empowered enough to throw a girl to the ground, and then when she starts to shake uncontrollably due to a seizure, stand around doing nothing. At one point in the video, a demonstrator yells something along the lines of, “NYPD you’re the most useless people in society…” I agree….



Please help spread this video around, and all the others like it, the countless others, there’s waaaaaay too many videos like this popping up… NYPD, if you’re reading this, please stop enacting violence and go do something useful, and no Homeland Security, there’s no reason for you to be surveying me… Please for once, put our tax dollars to a useful end. I’m HUNGRY!!!!!!


On a more serious note, it’s truly important everyone knows that everyone knows what is happening to the people standing up for social justice and economic equality.


Now I’ll leave you with something positive, I found solace in Malcolm X’s last speech. Somehow, his speech kneaded my anger into something else, something that will hopefully turn beautiful… any minute now………….




This is a reblogging of an article I read on (to the family + friends, you have our thoughts and prayers):


18 year-old Ramarley Graham was shot and killed by plain clothes NYPD officers yesterday(Thursday, Feb 2nd) after he tried to run from them during a confrontation.

Graham was suspected of carrying illegal drugs. Upon allegedly adjusting his waistband while running, the officers assumed Graham was carrying a gun. They chased him into his home, a struggle took place by the entrance into the family bathroom, and Graham was shot. Family members who were home at the time witnessed his death.

While Graham did have marijuana on him, he did not have a gun.

From NewsOne:

“‘He had some weed on with him,’ a family friend told the Daily News. ‘It wasn’t a big deal. They shot him inside the house. … He didn’t have a gun.’

Police reports state that a small amount of marijuana was found in the bathroom and speculate that perhaps the teen had been trying to flush it down the toilet to avoid further arrest.

Graham was taken to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead.

Constance Malcolm, 39, who is Graham’s mother, witnessed the incident and is distraught over the death of her son.

‘They chased him into the house.  Nobody deserves to be shot in their own home.’”

INFINITE VIBRATIONS: tangents from liberty

About two weeks before the raid on Liberty Square by NYPD, a group of 2-3 men started giving late night teach-ins. They used the chairs in the library so I sat in. The first night they talked at great length about the 13 powerful families that control the world and 9/11 conspiracies, luminously warning about the high level of courage one needs to engage with the extraterrestrial beings and terrestrial beings that have us enslaved. They continually explained that they were in the park to help us fight and open our eyes to the larger-than-life battle humanity is facing.

The three teachers each had a ranking. The lowest ranking member was a big guy who acted more or less like a body guard. Eric was the go-to guy, he came to the park every night, and he taught the first teach-in and referred often to his “boss” Chris. The first night I met Eric and the body guard, I sensed good vibrations. A well respected member of the OWS community introduced them and explained they had been coming regularly to the park and speaking to individuals privately about the 13 families controlling the world and wanted to spread their message in a more open and accessible way. They genuinely seemed to think they were helping us and they spoke with so much conviction I felt like I had to give them my attention.

At the first teach-in, Eric explained multiple times that he was the reason we had been allowed to remain in the park for as long as we had been occupying. He explained that he sat down with Mr. Zuccotti at his bed and poured him a glass of tea and asked Mr. Zuccotti if he enjoyed knowing his family was safe, nonchalantly suggesting to Mr. Zuccotti that harm would befall his family if he were to allow the NYPD to raid the park and kick out the demonstrators. He also explained that OWS needed to come to a clear consensus on its plan of action, that many high profile extraordinarily rich people secretly believed in the movement and would donate large sums of money to set the movement in motion if a plan to truly free humanity should arise. He explained that many of the men on Wall Street were just as much slaves or even more so slaves to the system we were fighting against. And that they secretly hope it is dismantled but that they have invested their lives in the systems and it seems impossible for them to break free from it. But they do see and feel the cries of all those around the world who have been marginalized and left out of the current systems. By threatening Mr. Zuccotti, Eric explained he had protected us and given us more time to work on enacting a plan. He suggested we dream big, and demanded we look into acquiring land that we could more permanently occupy on which we could grow food and create goods so we could truly break from the current systems. He showed us that by relying on donations and by using goods created by corporations; we in fact hadn’t broken away from the systems we are fighting. And true liberation would not be possible until we could function independently of the monsters we are pointing at and condemning.

Besides the grounded information and push for a more all-inclusive realistic revolution that considers how activists eat and where their shit goes while demonstrating to raise awareness about problems, Eric offered insights to a metaphysical, larger battle freedom fighters are up against. He explained that Mr. Zuccotti and other very powerful figures are in direct contact with higher forms of life. Eric called these higher beings “dragons” and described them as looking very much like a human but they have scale like skin that glimmers in the sun. When he described the physical characteristics of dragons, my mind immediately thought of the vampires in the Twilight film series.

There are many conspiracies online discussing an ever more powerful Alien race controlling humanity that has forever worked to enslave us. From the Bible to the Pyramids to Stonehenge, just about every aspect of the human story seemingly holds pieces of a puzzle that suggest this reality. Eric explained that he has been in contact with over a dozen other forms of higher beings. For the purposes of this story and what matters in regards to the conversation posed by Eric, is that the powerful men that adhere to these dragons are working to unify the world so that they have complete control. Continue reading

OWS In Solidary with the Shutting Down of West Coast Ports + Police Brutality

On 12/12/2011 at the Winter Garden Atrium, a “public” space inside the World Financial Center along West St. in Downtown New York; Occupy Wall Street Demonstrators enjoyed a day of action in solidarity with the shutting down of West Coast Ports. The merry-makers danced in a circle in the winter garden, as they danced arm-in-arm they chanted, “All Day! All Week! Occupy Wall Street” and “Occupy! Shut it down! New York is a People’s Town!” Demonstrators banged drums and waved umbrellas overhead as they celebrated their free human spirits. And true to form, the NYPD just couldn’t bear to see such a wonderful band of merry makers and came to shut them down with violent force.

Part 2: Show’s the wrath of NYPD… Watch as peaceful demonstrators are arrested and forced out of their demonstration. NYPD and Homeland Security were behind the forceful end of this demonstration. It’s appalling to think that in the United States of America in 2011 such force is used against people demonstrating their given right of FREE SPEECH. A demonstrator overheard one officer announce to another, “It’s time to chain ’em up!” And an African-American Officer called an African-American demonstrator a “nigger”. Meanwhile, the United States of America is enforcing wars across the globe.

So tell me? Whose the bull(y)?

The next day, 12/13/2011, a group of us (extremely elated by the daring and beautiful shut down of West Coast Ports) met for a day of action to honor our West Coast family. The NYPD were pissed to see us in our streets again. We went to Wall Street – Our Street and engaged in a day of “practice”… we chanted “this is just practice” as we marched onto Wall St. to hold a G.A. and “practice” demonstrating. We danced up and down Wall St – Our St and we sung songs of protest and we threw up up-sparkles and we giggled and we ran full speed at barricades stopping just before we collided into the metal we’ve grown so familiar with, we chanted “GET THOSE ANIMALS OFF THOSE HORSES” at the cops on horseback and we basked in the radiate glow of one another… it was fun!

Photo is of us holding a moment of silence on behalf of all those that have suffered police brutality.

We played “Red Rover” on Wall St – Our St as it’s an American classic and demonstrates the power of locking arms, an important tactic demonstrators often use when engaged with police brutality.

After awhile on Wall St – Our St we decided to go to 1 Police Plaza to welcome our family members that had been arrested at the previous days action. As we hit Broadway, the cops showed up on motorcyles… At every march I’ve been on, I’ve been hit by police officers on motorcycles. I don’t know who raised these jerks, but NYPD motorcycle cops believe it’s okay to hit people with their motorcycles…

As they chased us up Broadway our group began to run… and we ran faster and faster…

The cops chased us into City Hall Park… They followed us on their motorcycles as we ran into City Hall Park…. Please keep in mind, we are a group of twenty people that were walking up the street. The only thing that separates us from anyone else is that we’ve been targeted because we are loud about our politics. Besides being a bit noisy, we were doing nothing illegal. The park was full of unaware bystanders. NYPD is extremely lucky they didn’t sideswipe a kid… I watched in shock as they sped through the park….

And was even more dumbfounded when they sped out of the park and up the sidewalk… an old man shouted, “Are there terrorists? I just see kids! What in the hell are they doing?!”

Eventually the cops jumped off bikes and tackled two demonstrators. Both were beat up pretty badly. They threw them to the ground and punched them, slammed them into the concrete.

Other officers created a “human wall” in an attempt to block press and all photographs of their brutality. The use of a “human wall” is becoming an increasingly common tactic. Expect to see it whenever NYPD is enacting police brutality. It’s so people cant take photos. These aren’t police officers these are abusive thugs that must be dis-empowered

As the violence winds down, the demonstrators scattered… Five police vans, a group of police cars, and an army of officers came seemingly out of nowhere and scour the streets, seemingly searching for specific members of the group of demonstrators. Notice the zip-ties officers wear on their belts. It’s so they can quickly and more-often-than-not very painfully arrest demonstrators.

This is a photo of one of the two people that were jumped by NYPD. The other demonstrator was arrested. She wasn’t arrested. But she received a concussion.



For this event: William Scott, 412-390-6510

Occupy Wall Street Librarians Address Bloomberg for Destroying Books

Over 4k Books, Documents, Were Trashed by NYPD & Dept. of Sanitation in Raid

OWS Library Staff Recovers Books and Supplies, Less Than One-Fifth is Usable

What: Press conference to address the destruction of the OWS People’s Library by Mayor Michael Bloomberg during the 11/15 raid.
*Photo Opportunity* All of the recovered, destroyed books will be at the press conference.
Where: 260 Madison Ave, 20th Floor, between 38th and 39th St
When: Wednesday, November 23, at 12:00 noon
Who: Norman Siegel will host and moderate. Speakers: Gideon Oliver of the National Lawyers Guild, Hawa Allan a Fellow at Columbia Law School, and Occupy Wall Street Librarians from the People’s Library. Law professors from Columbia, members of the American Library Association, various writers and others have been invited.

So far, the People’s Library has received 1,099 books back from the Dept. of Sanitation after last week’s raid (some of which were not library books to begin with), and out of these, about 800 are still usable. About 2,900 books are still unaccounted for, and less than one-fifth of the original collection is still usable. These numbers may change slightly when the People’s Library gets an exact count of the recent (and final) retrievals from Sanitation, but not considerably.

“The People’s Library was destroyed by NYPD acting on the authority of Mayor Michael Bloomberg on the night of the raid. In addition to all our supplies, laptops, and tent, they threw roughly 4,000 books into garbage trucks and dumpsters that were adjacent to the park, as well as assorted rare documents that were associated with OWS,” says William Scott, an Occupy Wall Street Librarian.

Watch video of the NYPD and Dept. of Sanitation destroying the OWS People’s Library tent and throwing away all the books.

Occupy Wall Street is a people-powered movement that began on September 17, 2011 in Liberty Square in Manhattan’s Financial District, and has spread to more than 100 cities in the United States and actions in over 1,500 cities globally. For more visit

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