Great Deceivers Interview

The cold New York Winter has arrived and my mind has been drifting off to thoughts of Floridian sunshine, bling bling, a skimpy thong and sunsets drenched in cocktails… the universe honored my thoughts with a sweet email from the Orlando band, Great Deceivers. They sent us some MP3’s.. we enjoyed them and now we got an interview for you all to check out and some Mp3’s to enjoy. Florida is also the place I will be spending New Year’s Eve!!! My girlfriend and I just booked tickets to Miami to attend a big party being thrown by Club Kid Legendary Susanne Bartsch and Kayvon Zand. I’ve never been to Miami before so if any of you readers are natives or have any tips to toss my way please let me know… Now, let’s get back to the Great Deceivers interview we did with one of the members, Max!

MP: What’s up Max? We’re really excited to post an interview with your band Great Deceivers… For everyone that isn’t familiar with you, how bout we start with the basics… where are you from and how long have you been together and what propelled the Great Deceivers to get started?

Great Deceivers: For the most part we’re all based out of Central Florida. We’ve been playing together for a couple of years now with the exception of our drummer, Josh, who was added to the current line-up only about 5 or 6 months ago. I originally met Ben (bass/vocals) in high school and Tre (guitar/vocals) while playing open mic night at a coffee shop he worked at. After becoming close friends we decided to base a band around songs we’d individually worked on, seeing how we could add group instrumentation, harmony, etc. I think that collaboration has become a huge part of our process, we encourage each other to suggest, criticize and help develop everything brought to the table in a group setting.

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Co written and with pictures contributed by brokenbrooklyn

Frightened Rabbit – Frightened Rabbit play indie rock in an anthemic, theatrical style that sounds way too much like U2 to be taken seriously.  This is not to say that Frightened Rabbit plan to be the next U2.  They write songs that are far more earnest and believable then the aforementioned band and are often less bombastic in their production but even with these facts accounted for it’s hard not to roll your eyes when you see them play.  Power chords strummed as if they were holy law and expressions so serious that you would think we were watching a birth, Frightened Rabbit take themselves very seriously.  Every major montage ever known to man may come to mind, or you might just stand there striking poses and pretending to work out.  Whatever this music makes you do, it will not make you enjoy yourselves.  Unless you are in the same camp as the limousine riding band that passed us by on Friday night, in which case you love U2 and sing it loudly and unashamedly with the windows down as you drive around at night.  In this case we admire your honesty but are officially freaked out.

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Fans of Diamanda Galas, Nina Simone, Antony and the Johnsons need to make sure they’re aware of M. Lamar. I’ve been a fan of M. Lamar for a few years now and have watched Lamar evolve from a sex symbol to a deeply provocative singer songwriter. A few months ago he played a show at my old place in Oakland; Ariel Goldberg and Debutante shared the bill. His intricate grotesque lyrics and his Klaus Nomi esq delivery demands your time. His new album “The Black Death” has just been recorded; he has been kind enough to give us an interview and a few MP3’s to check out. Watch his website for future updates. Continue reading


Happy Holidays everybody! I’ m headed to New York for a much needed vacation.

Perfect Machines is an up and coming SF Punk band that has been causing a stir on the west coast as of late. I’ve seen them play a few shows in SF, every show has been awesome, lots of beer and lots of hot punk kids thrashing! Recently I had the opportunity to interview Johnny Evil (Evil Live Productions) about his participation in Perfect Machines! Continue reading

HOT AND SWEATY: Hello Kate!!

Brazil is one of the hottest/sweatiest places on Earth and has been known to create some of the best porn (ass is really cheap in Brazil, similar to Eastern European countries, so wealthy countries often go to Brazil and bring back XXX footage that often makes the most devout among us proud) and dance music (CSS)!!! Right now I’m really really enjoying Hello Kate!! I turn them WAAAAAAAY UP on my Ipod and bike all over Oakland/Berkeley – dash in front of cars like I’m invincible and groove to the hip-punkish-disco-new-wave-electro-dance music they make. So yeah, basically I’ve just been biking around, listening Hello Kate!! and fantasizing about Brazilian waxes and sex on the beach, being unemployed and lost in the recession has done wonders for my imagination but alas it may remain all in my head for quite some time, unless people want to start donating, if you do then message me.

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