Happy Valentines Day!!!! Last Friday night all the fabulous people in NYC showed up to CAPITALE on Bowery to celebrate love, Valentines Day, and the legendary Patricia Fields birthday. It was an extravaganza! SO MUCH FUN! Check it out:

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Happy Thanksgiving Everybody: Here’s some stuff we’re thankful for…

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!! We hope you have a great holiday and you have our interweb psychic love to cling to if you are all alone and feeling dreadful about your loneliness. One of the many Minor Progression favorite’s – Marissa Nadler – could use a bit of your holiday cheer to help her get her next album off the ground. She sent us this video for you all to watch so you can get a glimpse of where she’s at and what she’s working on. Check it out.

Also, here is a brand new gory sexy video of hers!

And now, back to Thanksgiving…. here’s a few photo’s of some Minor Progression folks at the Macy Day Parade!

And on a personal note, Antony and the Johnsons wrote this FUCKING BEAUTIFUL song called GHOST… it’s apart of his new book/album entitled SWANLIGHTS… he was writing this as my chapbook GHOSTS was coming to fruition.. one of the poems in it is in psychic conversation with him.. synergetic realness and collective unconscious love.. Oh and a couple of the poems from GHOSTS are in the upcoming 10th anniversary issue of SHAMPOO… CHECK THEM OUT and this AMAZING VIDEO:::

Now please, enjoy the holiday and make sure it doesn’t go something like this…


Words by Popejohnpaul12 and Brokenbrooklyn

Pictures by Brokenbrooklyn

Our day started out (though it shouldn’t have) with Whispertown2000 (omg… check out their stats – are they really listening to themselves that much???), a southern, dual female, lead vocalists jam/ alt country band. This was the kind of annoying, forced, twang fest that scared me away from Texas daydreams in my youth. They closed their set with a song about time which made me want to barf (they love time? Wasting mine maybe?…). I’d suggest staying far, far away from them.

Afterwards the band we were there to see came on (thank God), the Evangelicals. Hailing from Oklahoma city are an Oklahoma City they often get compared to The Flaming Lips, but the band is comprised of sexy/hip Midwestern boys (which the Lips never really were) and share the Lips penchant for the strange. Their sound is more whimsical post-punk psychedelic than the Lips stuff nowadays with vocals reminiscent of early Robert Smith with a more helium croon.

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