Ascension Recordings and Publications 2009 comp!!

So okay, I was just asked to release my EP ‘Pi11 Bits’ on Casey Chisholm’s ‘Ascension Recordings and Publications‘, and I’m maybe a tad bit excited. But hey, in credit to my own back-scratching, I was a fan of Casey Chisholm’s own music, Religious Girls, Brother, and other stuff released on Ascension well before this happened. So take a look at the roster and listen to the label’s stuff on myspace, because it really is great. If we must play the genre game, it’s kind of electro-acoustic, anti-folk, shoe-gaze blah blah blah. But what I really value about the musical community that Ascension is forming and promoting is the lack of ‘genre.’ It seems much less focused on being too aligned with a particular movement or moment, which is a quality that has appealed to me since I have been writing on this blog. Continue reading


Oakland’s Got The BROTHER(s) You Always Wish You Had: Interview and Rantings

Sometimes I am a truly lucky son of a bitch. I just got to take a trip to Oakland California for a week, leaving behind a colder than a well diggers ass Brooklyn, to bask in the surprisingly warm and consistent Bay Area weather and spend time catching up with both popejohnpaul12 and Tarnation1. Aside from having a glorious time telling stories and gallivanting about, I also got to take in two nights of great music. Aside from OUR FIRST EVER MINORPROGRESSION EVENT that took place at popejohnpaul12’s fabulous, sprawling, uber bohemian, living quarters ( aka Mr. Floppy’s) in the central Oakland area, I also attended a show at The House Of Nostromo, an great medium sized warehouse space in the middle of a strange dock community just on the other side of the 580 freeway. While my co-writers have already blogged some about the events that went down at Mr. Floppy’s, nothing has been said yet of our trek to House Of Nostromo, which we set out for in order to see a minorprogression favorite (and fellow SXSW attendee!) The Mae Shi. As these things sometimes go, we ended up leaving before The Mae Shi got to play due to my being tired, jet lagged and lacking in sobriety, but luckily I didn’t leave before watching Oakland band Brother play a great set and buying their seven song ep that I’ve been listening to ever since.

Here’s a video taken from that show:

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