Dennis Cooper gave PARASITE a ‘shout out!’

Dennis Cooper added Parasite to his “Three Recent Favorite Book” pile, which is sorta a big deal for me considering I’ve been a huge fan of DC’s for a long time now and consider his work both very influential and important to the creation of Parasite. Here’s the link. Also listed were Michael J. Seidlinger & their book My Pet Serial Killer + Moon Tzu & their book autumn of my youth.

I had one of those “WTF I said that?!” moments while reading the quote he put together from me. It’s a cut-up from stuff written on minorprogression and an interview I gave while putting together the Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology. Now, to relish in the opportunity — to quote Dennis Cooper quoting me:

‘I don’t own a Kindle. I read a lot of blogs and appreciate the Internet for allowing anyone to go online and publish their thoughts, but yeah, books are holy. I always carry a few books on me at all times. I couldn’t imagine the world without books. I need books. There have been many points in my life where I’ve questioned whether to buy books or food. We crave knowledge just as much as we crave physical sustenance. And there’s something about a physical book that sort of captures both cravings. To hold a book and be able to touch the print and mark it is an entirely different experience then that of reading on a screen. There’s a permanence that doesn’t exist with a screen. It’s why I always force myself to write longhand and not limit myself to typing on a laptop, even though it’s so much easier. There is a magick to the permanence of ink on paper that is so quickly disregarded by a keypad and a screen. …

‘I have these moments while painting. I pick colors and as I use them they’ll seem so perfect, then obvious and then I’m bored. So I switch colors. And switch colors. Until I find a color so repulsive or so out of touch with what I was originally wanting, that I take up writing.

‘Brushes with messy hairs make it impossible to direct the paint in a specific way: like I can dot an “i” but I cannot stop the dot from attaining non-circular characteristics. But I love these brushes and their imperfections. They’ve been with me in so many situations and painting for me, as one fond of the situationists, is therapy. It’s a way for me to talk to myself without using language. It’s always allowed me to forget grammar and punctuation. Paint is just a representation of color. I would hate to use a brush that didn’t seem to communicate with the paint. Nor can I ever seem to bring myself to cut my own hair.

‘An artist has always seemed to me someone that doodles while smoking a cigarette. Something may (or not) be happening; the artist notices but doesn’t stop smoking and doodling. Even if not tolerated. It’s never about results, it’s about daydreaming… living in dreamscapes. It’s about exploring when foreign lands no longer exist. It’s a means to feeling alive. To sing without lifting a note.’

–Stephen Boyer quoting Dennis Cooper quoting Stephen Boyer