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The OWS Poetry Anthology on WBAI!!!

Today, February 20th, 2012, WBAI had me on their Occupy Broadcast to talk about the OWS Poetry Anthology.

Here’s the show in its entirety (I come on at 8:40 and continue for about 20 minutes):

For more progressive talk, go to WBAI.org! Or for the anthology, go to the People’s Library wordpress page! I wanted to read more poems on the show, but ran out of time. Alas, I was able to read work by CA Conrad, Lara Weibgen, Sparrow and Ras Osagyefo. Just a handful of poets but hopefully representative of the vast diversity the anthology has compiled.


3 thoughts on “The OWS Poetry Anthology on WBAI!!!

  1. Thanks, Betsy! Yes, practicing reading CACONRAD’s poem the night before gave me some serious goosebumps and I even cried at one point, I do believe… Conrad for poetic president ov everywhere!

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